Beer Fest Weekend: Inland Empire Brewing Co. & Newport Beach Brewing Co.

A Punk, A Camera, and An Empty Stomach

This past weekend, two breweries in Southern California hosted a beer fest at their respective locations. At first glance, these two beer fests would appear completely different in magnitude, but after attending both, one can see how similar both fests operated. Both fests claimed to limit pours, but no one ever really checked, meaning that both fests poured unlimited beers. Admission only covered the beer pours – guests wanting to eat had to pay extra for food. Although never mentioned, guests could park for free at both fests, though with some explanation of how the parking situation went down.

The Inland Empire Brewing Company held their 4th Anniversary Beer & Food Festival this past Saturday at their facility in Riverside. Taking place 95% outdoors, this fest wrapped around the building that houses the IEBC. A stage at the back housed some local bands providing music throughout the fest. On the…

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One thought on “Beer Fest Weekend: Inland Empire Brewing Co. & Newport Beach Brewing Co.

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