Katman | Living and Leaving Orange County, CA

Living in Orange County is a place that you can take for granted growing up here and realize how lucky you really are before its to late.

OC Life

The real OC

I was born in Huntington Beach, CA. March 1st, 1977.  My parents Ivan and Barbara were what every young kid would want in parents. My Mom Barbara was what every mother should be like.  She was there for me through every school and sporting event.  She was a loyal and faithful wife and supported my Father Ivan through good times and bad. She was selfless when it came to her kids and family and still is today.

My Mom

The best Mother in the world

My Mom would stand in free food lines when things got bad with finances and would never really show any type of nervousness or stress that we could see as kids, we felt like we were just enjoying the Orange County life style and we thought that everyone else in the world was the same,  but as I got older realized very fast that it was not…….

I will be writing a little bit as much as I can to update my readers on where I have been what I have gone through while living and leaving Orange County, CA.

Ilan on Harley

Living and leaving OC


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