Katman | The Beginning

Ilan Camping

How did this all start

The only time I was ever an “only child” was for about a year and a half.  From what I can remember I was adored and loved very much by my parents and had a special connection with both of them individually. My mom was my nurturer and catered to every whimper and cry.  My father was my soul mate in a way that still holds true today.

There is a story of how when I was in my crib and i would not stop crying and just wanted to be in the bed with my parents and my parents were trying to break me of sleeping in the bed instead of my crib,  that my parents let me cry and did not come relieve  me of my separation anxiety.  I eventually cried myself to sleep and that is when my Dad started crying.  He wasn’t crying because he was happy that I finally stopped, he was crying because he felt like he had broke my spirit for not coming to me when I was desperately needing my parents comfort. That is when  I first knew the heart of my very dominant figure  and soul mate in life,  my Dad.

Ivan Katz



To be continued……





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