Katman | The 2nd Chapter Is Born


A year and a half after my birth along came my little brother Jared.  He was nothing like me nor did he has the same characteristics.  He was very quite and always needed to be pacified by sucking his fingers.  I didn’t know this at the time,  he would soon become not only my little brother, but my best friend and companion in childhood and life.  Jared had curly hair and was my biggest fan.  He would follow me every where I went and would not go to bed unless I went to bed.  I also knew somehow that he was very fragile and I would do anything to protect him from harm.


There was a time when Jared was misbehaving while we were shopping at a store with my Dad and my Dad was going to spank Jared and I quickly stood up for him and told my Dad to spank me instead….not thinking my Dad would reprimand me in the light that I was being a good big brother and was offering my ass instead of his,  there would be no way my Dad would spank me instead.  I was wrong and my Dad did spank my in place of Jared.  Ya that was a surprise for sure in my young age,  but did not ever stop me from taking lifes spankings for him when and where I could.  My brother Jared was not only a great son and brother in youth,  but still today is this way in manhood.  I love him dearly and will continue to do so until the end of my days and beyond.



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