Generation Iron Official Store

Generation Iron Official Store

So I was very impressed with the movie Generation Iron, which was a documentary on bodybuilding and the sequel to 70″s film Pumping Iron. I was even more impressed when I heard that they have an apparel store Generation Iron Official Store. The designs looked good so I ordered a hoodie, a cap and a few GI wristbands for stocking stuffers.

When the products came and they felt even better on the they looked online. I love bodybuilding and working out and wearing something fashionable and comfortable. Has anyone else ordered or seen the movie and what did you think?

Generation Iron is now a true movement for all Bodybuilding and Fitness enthusiasts. It’s a movement for the new generation that believes in the concept of self-improvement, both physically and mentally. Fans and supporters from all around the world can’t get enough of Generation Iron. This is how Generation Iron Official Merch Brand was formed. We’ve paired up with some of the biggest brands in the business to best suite our audiences in and out of the gym. Join the Movement.

generation iron official

Generation Iron Official Store


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